About Drupal Europe Foundation

Connecting Drupal communities

Drupal Europe Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organisation and network. We collaborate with a global network of people with common goals and visions. Our work and dedication is in Drupal, Open Source and freedom for all aspects of digital society.

Connecting Drupal Communities

Drupal's communities in Europe face some challenging thresholds to organize themselves. For example, in the U.S. the Drupal community serves one market, benefitting from a common language and heritage. In Europe as well as in Asia, Africa and other areas, the communities have to deal with multiple languages and cultural differences that complicate the organisation of large events and the exchange of knowledge, fonds and other resources.


Extend collaboration & facilitate contribution

Drupal Europe Foundation helps these local European communities by supporting collaboration within Europe and between the continents. We also contribute resources for local initiatives to start an organisation, to grow their local groups and to reach out to other Drupal communities. We work on an online open source infrastructure for easier online contacts and knowledge exchanges.

Drupal Europe Foundation aims to strengthen the international Drupal community by collaborating with the Drupal Association. By lowering the threshold for European Drupalers to participate within the international community, Drupal Europe Foundation builds towards a stronger, united and more diverse Drupal community.


Become part of the movement

Are you involved in a Drupal community in Europe? Connect with other groups through Drupal Europe. Become a partner and help to grow the global Drupal community.