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Drupal Europe Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization and network.
We collaborate with a global network of people with common goals and visions.
Our work and dedication is in Drupal, Open Source and freedom for all aspects of digital society.

Why Drupal Europe?

Why Open Source?

We believe in Open Source and fully support it. Our work and dedication is in Drupal, Open Source and freedom for all aspects of digital society.

Open Source software like Drupal is publicly available. Drupal is free to download, use, and modify. The international community develops and maintains the code and contribute new modules.

Why Drupal?

Drupal is one of the top three most popular content management systems in the world. It is used by governments, commerce and individuals because it is:

- Reliable and robust with years of experience
- Flexible and scalable with contrib and custom codes, modules and themes
- Safe as is has a strong up-to-date built-in security and monthly security updates


Why Drupal Europe?

Drupal Europe helps local and regional initiatives by:

- contributing resources 
- promoting camps and events
- providing information about EU regulations
- help with speakers from the region
- support an online open source infrastructure for events and knowledge exchanges



Mapping Drupal in Europe

Drupal Europe helps to map the needs of European Drupal communities. We collect useful data about the Drupal EU situation and needs. We publish and share reports and infographics that can help Drupal communities to grow.

Supporting global collaboration

Drupal Europe Foundation helps local and regional communities by supporting collaboration within Europe and between the continents. By lowering the threshold for European Drupalers to participate within the international community, Drupal Europe builds towards a stronger, united and more diverse Drupal community.

Boosting inclusion and knowledge exchange

Drupal Europe wishes to boost the communication in all layers of the Drupal communities. Drupal Europe works to connect people online and in real life. We host and maintain Drupalchat.me, an open source solution to exchange knowledge about Drupal. We also work towards an open source solution for online events.

Drupal Europe

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Cross Open Source and Cross Continents

In 2018, DrupalCon Europe was intended to be skipped by its organizers. A bunch of people in Europe came together to save this DrupalCon. And they succeeded. They founded Drupal Europe Foundation and managed to host a physical conference for over 1k people that year.

With the current Corona pandemic, a new challenge has arrived to do this virtual with free and Open Source API's, tools and ecosystems. Drupal Europe works to build the needed Open Source software for hosting small and massive online conferences.